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Galenic forms & Technologies

12. March 2019
Darreichungsformen von Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln | Wissen Goerlich Pharma

Various forms of dosage for dietary supplements

A delicious, well-presented meal is a pleasure for everyone. When it comes to dietary supplements, these should also be a feast for the eyes. An attractive product leads both to good acceptance and compliance among consumers. Good compliance ensures not […]
24. December 2018
Pills variety | Goerlich Pharma

Tablets – an interesting galenic formulation for dietary supplements

There is no other administration form that is used as often as the tablet. Derived from the Latin word “tabuletta”, meaning “little tablet” or “little board”. The definition is: The tablet is a single dose, solid administration form, which is […]
18. September 2017
Coating - Veredelungstechnologie für Nahrungsergänzungsmittel | Goerlich Pharma

Coating –  a Refinement Technology also for Dietary Supplements

“Coating” means any kind of covering of a substrate. Coating can refer to the process of coating, as well as to the coating material. The film coating of tablets or capsules is an important process step, which actually originated in […]
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