Sustainability | Goerlich Pharma

Environment & Energy Supply

Goerlich Pharma executes an integrative environmental management, not wasting precious resources in production, continuously focusing on environmental sustainability and using highly efficient, state-of-the art equipment.

  • Solar panels on all factory roofs as well as on carports and electricity from hydropower.
    On sunny days electricity produced is double versus consumption. Excess electricity is sold to electricity providers.
  • Geothermal temperature control (heating and cooling) of production facility, warehouse and office space without carbon dioxide emissions
  • Factory specific waste separation concept resulting in unmixed waste classes
  • Nature as our source: Use of natural, sustainable raw materials
  • For EPAX Marine Omega-3 concentrates:
    Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification for sustainable sourcing
  • Member of “Umwelt + Klimapakt Bayern”
Klimapakt Bayern | Goerlich Pharma
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