Living sustainability:
Save energy, protect the environment

With that (good) something extra

Goerlich Pharma GmbH operates an integrative environmental management and produces in a resource-saving, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner on technically state-of-the-art facilities. A sustainable value chain begins with the selection of certified suppliers.

With the use of natural, renewable raw materials, Goerlich Pharma lays the foundation for high product quality right from the start. Recyclable and at the same time high-quality packaging make our food supplements a sustainable top product.

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Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Goerlich Pharma GmbH

Production in harmony with nature

Photovoltaik Produktionsgebäude | Goerlich Pharma
  • Solar panels on all factory roofs as well as on carports and electricity from hydropower.
    On sunny days electricity produced is double versus consumption. Excess electricity is sold to electricity providers.
  • Geothermal temperature control (heating and cooling) of production facility, warehouse and office space without carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Factory specific waste separation concept resulting in unmixed waste classes
  • Member of “Umwelt + Klimapakt Bayern”

Value chain sustainable right from the start

  • Certified suppliers: Behind Epax® marine omega-3 concentrates stands e.g. the certification Friend of the Sea (FOS), an internationally recognized quality mark for the identification of products from certified sustainable fisheries.
  • With DHA 40% algal oil, sustainable production in a closed system.
  • Nature as a source: Use of natural, renewable raw materials.
  • The FairTSA™ certification for the production of the hard capsules means that the conventions of the International Labor Organization Conventions are observed during processing and this is checked by an ISO 17065 accredited certifier.

Our packaging: recyclable and high quality

We offer a wide range of packaging options for a wide variety of requirements. Sustainability is just as important to us as a high level of product protection and user-friendliness. Be inspired by our variety of packaging. If you have any requests or questions, please contact us!