Environment & Energy Supply | Goerlich Pharma

Environment & Energy Supply

Goerlich Pharma executes an integrative environmental management, not wasting precious resources in production, continuously focusing on environmental sustainability and using highly efficient, state-of-the art equipment.

  • Solar panels on all factory roofs as well as on carports.
    On sunny days electricity produced is double versus consumption. Excess electricity is sold to electricity providers.
  • Geothermal temperature control (heating and cooling) of production facility, warehouse and office space without carbon dioxide emissions
  • Factory specific waste separation concept resulting in unmixed waste classes
  • Nature as our source: Use of natural, sustainable raw materials
  • For EPAX Marine Omega-3 concentrates:
    Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification for sustainable sourcing
  • Member of “Umwelt + Klimapakt Bayern”
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