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Food supplements with a built-in success factor: What makes a contract manufacturer suitable for a long-term successful collaboration

Food supplements with a built-in success factor: What makes a contract manufacturer suitable for a long-term successful collaboration

Was macht einen Lohnhersteller für eine langfristig erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit aus  | Goerlich Pharma

Was macht einen Lohnhersteller für eine langfristig erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit aus | Goerlich Pharma

Do you want to outsource part of your processes or the entire production of your product and are looking for a reliable contract manufacturer that fits you and your needs well? On whom you can rely in the long term? The range of potential manufacturers is large. So, too, is the mountain of questions that build up in front of you when choosing the right partner. Because the decision of in whose hands you want to put the production of your product requires careful consideration. The food supplements market is large – it is therefore always necessary to develop new, creative formulations with innovative raw materials that are precisely adapted to the needs of health-oriented consumers and meet current market trends.

The most important ingredients for your products: consulting and service right from the outset

The key to a successful project is an in-depth consultation right from the outset. At this point, important foundations have already been laid for the success of the product: the desired positioning on the market is a decisive factor for the precise formulation, galenics and packaging. It is possible to build on existing developments or strive for completely new developments. Each path has its advantages and depends on the overarching project goal.

Ready-to-market: fast market entry

Time-to-market is becoming more and more important, and so there is often no time to implement an individual product development. Especially in these cases, private label products that have already been developed are a successful alternative. In particular, larger, renowned contract manufacturers often offer a range of mature base products, which are tested with regard to the machinability of the recipes and whose ingredients are obtained from certified, long-standing suppliers, which means a constant high level of quality.

Galenic forms and formulations

There is a suitable galenic form for every food supplement. The right choice of form not only ensures optimal absorption of nutrients, but also a positive ingestion experience for the consumer. Whether classic tablets or modern sticks with powdery content for direct intake – each galenic has its advantages, but sometimes also its limits. Last but not least, the right choice of galenic form also has a decisive influence on the cost factor in contract manufacturing of food supplements. Get an overview of which galenics would be of interest to you. Hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, sticks, oil mixtures, liquid fillings and much more – the choice is large. A good contract manufacturer will be able to advise you safely with sound, comprehensive know-how.

Individual products: Development is sometimes like running a marathon

You should be sure that the selected contract manufacturer will be able to keep going to the last metre of the development. At the same time, leave nothing to chance. People often wonder: quality or speed? For perfect product development, you need quality AND speed. The dynamics on the food supplement market require agile and flexible action. Trends have to be identified early and new products often have to be brought to market in a very short time to be successful in the long term. Whether complete redevelopments or recipe optimisations, a good contract manufacturer takes on complex tasks as a challenge. Together with the customers, they prepare a specific project plan, discuss the possible timeline, define the milestones and transparently discuss the possibilities with regard to the budget. Open and clear communication as equals is essential. The goal is always clear: a successful product in well-thought-out and consumer-friendly packaging.

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Guaranteed quality

There will certainly be no contract manufacturers who do not claim to work at a high quality level. But how do you find out if this claim actually corresponds to reality? The number of employees in the quality department, for example, can be an indicator here in order to assess to what extent that claim is true. Assuming that the Quality Management department consists of only 1-2 employees, who are responsible for all aspects of quality assurance and control, this should make you think. The same applies to the promise of exceptionally short delivery times for new products. What initially sounds good can often hardly be realized solely with regard to the careful tests and risk assessments required on raw materials that are not yet established. After all, a constant high quality level is linked to precise test procedures and therefore requires a certain amount of time and care. Quality assurance means constant efforts to improve products and services. Targeted monitoring processes guarantee consistently high product quality. All processes should be reviewed in regular audits, internally and externally. Here you can pay attention to the following relevant certifications and guarantees, such as DIN ISO 9001 – industrial processes, DIN ISO 22000 – food safety, GMP/HACCP, US FDA, authorisation for the production of diet products, BIO certificate – DE-ÖKO-005, freedom from GMOs/without genetic modification, among others.

An intensive exchange as equals makes the difference and turns an idea into sustainable success

Even though a contract manufacturer is usually not allowed to provide legal advice, a good partner will still set itself apart by sharing tips and practical experiences with its customers on topics such as health claims, current market developments and the existence of regulations. In addition to the right raw materials, the most important ingredients for a successful product are expert advice and an extensive range of services. Experienced producers and developers of high-quality food supplements know the opportunities and risks on the market very well: they identify new trends early on, ask questions and provide answers, create a constructive dialogue as equals, and provide advice, inspiration and above all constructive support to your customers.

Products for the future always on track

Meanwhile, the “megatrends” sustainability, vegan diet and clean label are permeating all areas of our everyday lives and are defining entire lifestyles. Experienced specialists for contract manufacturing and the development of high-quality food supplements listen deeply to the market and do not let trends pass by unnoticed. Their curiosity and passion produce first-class products, tailored to current market developments. You see yourself as a source of ideas for your customers. It starts with a discussion about the target market together, continues with developing the formulation and finally leads to a sophisticated product that stands out from the crowd.

Accompanying all product processes through competent project management

Service really rounds off consultancy. What you would have to organise yourself elsewhere, you get fully integrated with a very good contract manufacturer. Of course, here, too, there are costs that must be considered as investments in the future of a product. Your great advantage: you save time as you do not have to provide different service providers with the relevant information over and over again. Your product is being created. There is a lot to consider. Many can produce products, but the service is what really matters. A good contract manufacturer never stops thinking about the seemingly small, but very important, details, be it researching and assessing raw materials, support with registration for export markets, analyses, regulatory support, special documentation, stability data according to customer orders, formulation development and much more. Is that the end of consultancy? Not by a long shot. The right contract manufacturer even makes sure that your idea is an all-round success in the areas of packaging and logistics.

Modern production and robust processes for consistently reliable product quality

As soon as good consulting and development have formed the idea for the product, it is time to move on to the next milestone – production. Here, too, it is important that the contract manufacturer works with highly qualified and experienced specialists in all areas. Production should take place using state-of-the-art machines with high-quality raw materials from established and tested suppliers. For consistently high product quality. Continuous controls are a crucial factor of optimal quality management – just like continuous monitoring of the process chain, which provides for continuous spot checks, sampling and quality inspections in incoming goods, comprehensive analyses by internal and external accredited laboratories and the evaluation of the associated results, setting up monitoring and storage of retained samples. All raw materials, packaging materials and services should be obtained from qualified and verified partners and always be subject to strict quality controls. As a result, your product not only stands out from the competition in terms of content, but also in how it looks and feels.

Packaging competitive advantage: high-quality packaging for valuable content

A good contract manufacturer offers you the best packaging for every galenic form: that is part of a complete solution. From a wide range of packaging solutions, the right solution is recommended: differentiated and high quality. And, of course, with timely delivery and adherence to deadlines. Whether blisters or folding boxes, containers, jars, bottles, pump containers, combination packs or end customer samples for optimal product marketing: advice on packaging should be as individual and tailored to your needs as your product itself. What makes your products special allows you to stay ahead of the competition at all times. Professional contract manufacturers take a close look at each target group and their user behaviour and know what matters. They analyse the feedback from the market and incorporate it into their wealth of experience. In this way, the private-label packaging solutions complement your valuable contents with the best possible external effect. Versatile, functional and sales-boosting.

Competent contract manufacturers take the weight off your shoulders

From the optimal packaging to the exact delivery: they take care of it. The goods are stored under perfect conditions in a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse until they are shipped. Then the goods are made available for safe transport and delivery.

Commitment and consulting as equals

Quality is a promise: to oneself and to all partners! In that a contract manufacturer simplifies complex processes and thinks about even the smallest details. As they are always there for you, they give you the freedom you need to market your product.

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About Goerlich Pharma GmbH 

Goerlich Pharma GmbH has been a specialized German contract manufacturer and developer for food supplements, food for special medical purposes and for the special class of probiotics since 1984.

The range of services of Goerlich Pharma GmbH extends to the following products in contract production, development and services: Hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, sticks, oils and oil mixtures. Tablets and soft capsules can be coated and thus sensorily and optically refined. Another service is the contract packaging of the products in blister packs, folding boxes, cans and glasses. Goerlich Pharma GmbH is certified according to 9001:2015 and 22000:2018, GMP according to Codex Alimentarius, BIO (VO (EC) 2018/848), Friend of the Sea (FOS), Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and approved and registered in accordance with the Feed Regulation (EU) 183/2005. Additionally, they have a registration by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the food industry.

This means: Quality without compromise. Goerlich Pharma thus offers complete solutions with a system and is happy to be available as a full-service partner for private label food supplements, with a production space of over 3,000 m2 with modern facilities.

In addition, Goerlich Pharma GmbH is an exclusive distributor for Epax® Omega 3 concentrates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and offers a large selection of products with Epax® or Omega 3 “inside” worldwide, as an alternative also made of vegan algae oil.


Anja Kirmaier | Goerlich PharmaAnja Kirmaier is Marketing Manager at Goerlich Pharma GmbH.



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