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Contract Manufacturing

As a renowned full-service supplier, with decades of experience in contract manufacturing of customized, high quality food supplements and food for special medical purposes we are your competent partner for development, production, filling, and packaging of your new products.

For more than 30 years we are producing high-quality products concentrating on food supplements in all their different administration forms. We develop, supply and manufacture capsules of all kinds, like soft capsules, chewable capsules, or hard capsules, and tablets, chewable tablets, sticks, and oil blends. Since spring 2017 we are offering a coating process for tablets and soft capsules.

Our Service: “Your One-Step Supplier!”

Our services range from the production process and filling of portioned goods, such as capsules, and tablets, to the final packaging process. Blister, bottles, jars, or boxes – we offer a wide variety of options for the customized packaging of your food supplements, whether it’s capsules, tablets, or liquid formulations!

Food Supplements – Focus on Production

The heart of our services is the manufacturing of high-quality food supplements and food for special medical purposes in form of capsules, tablets, powders, or liquids and oils. In our factory in Edling, close to the metropolitan area of Munich, our team of more than 110 well-trained and dedicated employees will manufacture your capsules, tablets, sticks, and oil blends according to the highest quality standards. In July 2020 we passed our ISO 22000:2018 Certification with flying colors.

High-quality raw materials are stored in our air-conditioned warehouse. This guarantees for excellent and consistent product quality of your capsules, tablets, sticks, and oil blends, and allows timely productions of your products. Therefore you can react immediately to market requirements and the needs of your customers. Always be ahead of your competitors with us as your commited partner at your side. As a manufacturer of capsules, tablets, sticks, and oil blends, who is focused on food supplements, we are well prepared for the requirements of our customers.

Hard Capsules

Quick release
Gelatine capsule or vegan hard capsule
Few excipients
All standard sizes are in stock

Soft Capsules

Controllable absorption
Gelatine or vegan capsule shell
Oily and oil plus powder formulations
Multiple sizes, forms and colours
Coating of soft capsules


Dosing precisely manageable
Wide range of sizes, forms and colours
Chewable tablets with delicious flavour
Film coating, enteric coating

Chewable Capsules

Capsule shell and filling aromatized
Wide range of different flavours
Pasty filling with a balanced ratio between sweetness and sourness
Multiple sizes, forms and colours


Powders and granules
Wide range of sizes (2 g – 10 g)
Aluminium foil or laminated foil
Quick and cost-efficient production

Oil Mixtures

Combinability of various oils
Flavouring of oils to optimise their sensoric characteristics
Wide range of sizes (30 ml – 1000 ml)


Coating on basis of HPMC, HPC or PVA
Enteric Coating on basis of Ethyl Cellulose and Shellac
Big variety of natural colourants or transparent coating
Aromatization of coating, e.g. with vanillin or sweetener

It’s All About Packaging

However, we are not only an expert partner for contract manufacturing for your private label production. Private label means the product is packed individually with your own brand name. As a full-service supplier and contract packer we support you in the initial idea or brainstorming, the formulation of your capsules, tablets, sticks, or oil blends and, after production, we package them according to your specifications to blisters in folding boxes, plastic containers, glass jars, bottles or pump containers. We also provide individual labels or match your private label specifications. This guarantees your exclusive product design – not only for the product formulation also for the packaging solution.

With the overabundance of products in the market of food supplements an attractive and exclusive package becomes more and more important for the successful placement of your product in the market – and your Private Label brand promotes further sales of your food supplement. We offer a systematic full-service solution! Whether you choose the all-in-one solution, the product-benefit solution, product samples for sales promotions, or sustainable packaging solutions we can help you with your individual packaging needs for your capsules, tablets, sticks, and oil blends, and provide you with a structured system solution.

Use the advantages of our packaging service for your food supplements!