Contract Manufacturing for Chewable Capsules | Goerlich Pharma

Chewable Capsules

Innovative chewable soft capsules, suitable for children, demanding adults and elderly people with difficulties in swallowing


  • Capsule shell and filling aromatised
  • Different flavours
  • Pasty filling with a balanced ratio between sweetness and sourness which reminds of candies when being chewed
  • Gelatine or vegan capsule shell
  • Multiple sizes, forms and colours

Service “Everything from one source”

  • Formulation development
  • Raw material procurement
  • Flexible packaging
  • Minimum order quantity 500,000 capsules

Basic formulations

  • A range of basic formulations in stock
  • Flexible order quantities minimum 100,000 capsules
  • Quick availability
  • Documentation for each product

Benefit from our packaging service.