Contract Manufacturer for Food Supplements: Galenics & Formulations

Our dosage forms for food supplements

As a long-standing contract manufacturer of food supplements, we know: There is a suitable dosage form for every food supplement. The right choice of form not only ensures optimal absorption of nutrients, but also a positive ingestion experience for the consumer. Whether a classic tablet or modern stick with powder for direct intake – each galenic has its advantages. Last but not least, the right choice of galenic form has a decisive influence on the cost factor in contract manufacturing of food supplements.

Get an overview on our website or contact our competent customer consulters. With our sound know-how in the field of contract manufacturing of food supplements, we are always at your side throughout the entire process – from the enquiry to the delivery of the finished product.

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We have hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, sticks and oil mixtures in our portfolio. Learn more about our galenics:

Hard Capsules Goerlich PharmaLohnhersteller Nahrungsergänzungsmittel - Hartkapseln
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Soft Capsules Goerlich PharmaLohnhersteller Nahrungsergänzungsmittel Weichkapseln
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Tablets Goerlich PharmaLohnhersteller Nahrungsergänzungsmittel Tabletten
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Sticks Goerlich PharmaLohnhersteller Nahrungsergänzungsmittel Sticks
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Oil Mixtures Goerlich PharmaLohnhersteller Nahrungsergänzungsmittel Ölmischungen
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Minimum purchase quantities

We are offering a coating process for tablets and soft capsules.

Coating Goerlich PharmaCoating Goerlich Pharma
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Our formula for food supplements

✓ Diverse portfolio of basic formulations, ready-to-market ✓ Development of individual Plus Products

We keep many high-quality raw materials ready for our customers in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse. In this way, we not only guarantee a continuously high product quality for your food supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, sticks and oil mixtures, but can also usually produce your product promptly. This enables you to react in time to the needs of the market and your customers. Always be one step ahead of your competitors with us as your contract manufacturing partner. As a contract manufacturer for capsules, tablets, sticks and oil mixtures, we are optimally prepared for the individual needs of our customers thanks to our focus on nutritional supplements.

As a contract manufacturer, we produce food supplements exactly according to your wishes and needs. For the most frequent requests, we fall back on already formulated formulation bases which we, as your contract manufacturer, develop further together with you. This means we can act quickly and you can serve your customers efficiently and flexibly when it comes to food supplements.

Basic formulations ready-to-market

Our basic range includes a variety of formulations that are available for you promptly and can be individually packaged as private labels. We already have the most sought-after food supplements in stock for you. We keep the basic formulation for many other food supplements on hand – so we can produce them fresh for you promptly. Whether capsules or tablets, oil mixtures or coated capsules – with our basic formulations and Goerlich Pharma GmbH as your contract manufacturer, you can conquer the market quickly and flexibly.

Minimum purchase quantities for basic formulations:

✓ Hard capsules: 200,000
✓ Soft capsules: 200,000
✓ Tablets: 500,000
✓ Sticks/ Sachets: 200,000
✓ Oil mixtures in vials: 5,000

Plus Products: Individual nutritional supplements developed for you

As a contract manufacturer, we are happy to produce your nutritional supplements according to your wishes and expand our basic formulation with new value-giving & trendy ingredients. We would be happy to realise your customised Plus Product together with you in the form of a development project. In this way, we create a completely new, individual formulation so that you can meet the dynamics of the markets.

Minimum purchase quantities for Plus Products:

✓ Hard capsules: 500,000
✓ Soft capsules: 500,000
✓ Tablets: 500,000
✓ Sticks/ Sachets: 500,000
✓ Blister in folding boxes: 5,000
✓ Cans: 5,000
✓ Oil mixtures in vials: 5,000

Our services range from the production and filling of piece goods, such as capsules and tablets, to the final packaging. Whether blisters, tins, jars or folding boxes – we also offer you comprehensive options for the private label packaging of your food supplements in the form of capsules, tablets or liquid formulations.

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