Premium finishing for tablets, hard and soft capsules

Determining the appropriate processes and coating materials requires a great deal of practical experience and instinct. It is not for nothing that people speak of the “art of coating”, which is analogous to the complex coating process. In a technical center there is the possibility of developing the right procedure and the optimal process conditions. We will be pleased to give you advise and help you with our know-how and long-term experience.

Coating offers a wide range of possibilities:

The term “coating” stands for both: the process used and the coating material used. The filming of tablets or capsules is an important process step in the manufacture of nutritional supplements. Filming processes have always played an important role and the demand for coated products in the field of dietary supplements is growing steadily.

  • Coating on basis of HPMC, HPC (Cellulose) or PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) as well as PVA-PEG (polyvinyl alcohol with polyethylene glycol)
  • Big variety of natural colourants or transparent coating
  • Aromatisation of coating, e. g. with vanillin or sweetener
  • Enteric coating with Ethyl cellulose or Shellac (not possible for hard capsules)
  • Also possible without titanium dioxide

Multiple advantages:

There are many reasons for a coating. Application reasons can be in the foreground, such as the achievement of easier swallowability or the achievement of a more pleasant mouthfeel through taste and odor masking. The film coating is also used, for example, for reasons of stability with active ingredients that are sensitive to moisture, oxygen or light. Here you will find an overview of all advantages:

  • Protection against humidity, oxygen and light
  • Coloured coating to strengthen your brand identity
  • High-grade visual appearance
  • Delayed release of active ingredients
  • Enteric coating
  • Masking of taste and odour
  • Easier swallowing of tablets and soft capsules

Service “Everything from one source”

  • Formulation development
  • Raw material procurement
  • Flexible packaging
  • Minimum order quantity approx. 100 kg tablets/capsules

Benefit from our packaging service.

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