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Hard Capsules represent the optimal form for powders and mixtures of powders

Would you like to have food supplements produced as hard capsules? Are the highest quality, scalability and all-round service from development to private label packaging & logistics important to you? Then Goerlich Pharma is your partner for the production of your quality product!

Due to its positive properties, the hard capsule is one of the most popular dosage forms for food supplements. Standard hard capsules are filled with powder and powder mixtures. The intelligent technology of the tube dosing technology additionally enables us to fill the hard capsules – also called two-piece capsules – with raw materials that are technologically more demanding during filling due to their nature. We keep numerous high-quality raw materials in stock for filling hard capsules. You can find an overview of our regularly available formulations for hard capsules here.

We are at your disposal if you want to develop individual co. Get in touch with our customer consulters today.

NEW: Titanium dioxide free capsules

We offer a selection of TiO2-free capsules in white (semi-transparent) or coloured. More colour options are currently being developed. Ask us about your desired colour or individual size!

Capsules red TiO2-free | Goerlich Pharma
HPMC (vegan) + Gelatin
Swedish Orange (opaque)

Colouring ingredient: Iron oxide red E172
Sizes: 1, 0 & 00

Capsule gree TiO2-free | Goerlich Pharma
HPMC (vegan) + Gelatin

Green semi-transparent
Colouring ingredient: Copper complex of chloropyllins E141ii
Sizes: 1, 0 & 00

Capsules purple TiO2-free | Goerlich Pharma
HPMC (vegan)

Purple Natural semi-transparent
Colouring ingredient: Carrot juice concentrate
Sizes: 1, 0, & 00

Capsules Tio2-free Blue Natural | Goerlich Parma
HPMC (vegan)
Blue Natural semi-transparent

Colouring ingredient: Spirulina
Sizes: 1, 0, & 00

Capsules yellow TiO2-free | Goerlich Pharma
HPMC (vegan)
Yellow Natural semi-transparent

Colouring ingredient: Safflower
Sizes: 1, 0 & 00

Advantages of hard capsules at a glance:

✓ Odourless and tasteless
✓ Quick release
✓ Capsules with sustained release possible, e.g. for formulations with probiotics
✓ Gelatine capsule or vegan hard capsule
✓ Few excipients
✓ Possibilities of differentiation: One- or two-coloured capsules; Printing (axial, radial)
✓ All standard sizes are on stock
✓ Quick and cost-efficient production

Another positive point: Social responsibility is important to us. Our hard capsules are manufactured according to the FairTSA™ Processing Standards. This means that with this certification, you not only receive high-quality capsules, but also capsules produced in a socially responsible manner – a unique selling point for your product!

Our hard capsule filling technologies

✓ Plate dosing technology for fully automatic powder filling
✓ Tube dosing technology for formulation with complex filling materials

We offer two technologies for the production of two-piece capsules: Plate dosing technology and tube dosing technology. In both cases we work with fully automatic machines. The advantage over semi-automatic machines is that there is very little weight variation in the production of hard capsules and the quantities are scalable, resulting in an attractive price structure for you when producing larger batches.

With the special tube dosing principle, it is possible for us to realise little to no additives, and thus an overall shorter ingredient list – in other words, a clean label product. With a view to the end consumer, a clean label product is an important advantage over conventionally produced food supplements. Furthermore, more complex mixtures (e.g. with stickier or fluffier raw materials) can be filled in this way, which are not possible with the plate dosing technique.

Basic formulations in stock

All capsules described in the following are based on optimised standard formulations. These standard capsules are either in stock or can be produced on short notice. They are available in flexible quantities. Minimum order quantity for basic formulations which are on stock is one unit under consideration of minimum order value.

We would be happy to send you the detailed specifications of the capsules including the contained raw materials on request: sales@goerlich-pharma.com.

Our minimum purchase quantities for basic formulations are low: hard capsules 100,000 units as bulkware.
We are happy to offer you packaged basic capsules in containers/ jars and blister packs from 5,000 units.

Hard Gelatin Capsules

Acerola, ORGANIC DE-ÖKO-005

Art.Nr. 55-000418
59.5 mg Vitamin C
Size 0, transparent


Art.No. 55-000414
40 mg Vitamin C
7 mg Iron
Size 1, transparent


Art.Nr. 55-000420
250 mg Citrus Sinensis Extract
100 mg Rhodiola Rosea Extract
of which 3 mg Rosavin
3 mg Pantothenic Acid
0.7 mg Vitamin B6
6 mg Vitamin E
1.3 μg Vitamin B12
0.4 mg Vitamin A
28.1 mg Magnesium
Size 0EL, transparent

Bitter Melon Chromium

Art.No. 55-000600
500 mg Bitter Melon Extract
of which 50 mg Saponins
6 μg Chromium
Size 0EL, white


Art.No. 55-000419
15 mg Citrus Aurantium Extract
of which 6 mg Synephrine
179 mg Green Tea Extract
of which 170.1 mg Polyphenols
300 mg Ginger Extract
of which 15 mg Gingerols
100 mg Chilli, ground
Size 00, transparent

Ginger Extract, ORGANIC DE-ÖKO-005

Art.No. 55-000417

300 mg Ginger Extract, Organic
of which 10.5 mg Gingerols & Shogaols
Size 1, transparent


Art.No. 55-000716
500 mg Glucomannan
Size 00, transparent

Glucosamine Chondroitin PLUS

Art.No. 55-000410
480 mg Glucosamine Sulphate
300 mg Chondroitin Sulphate
0.7 mg Manganese
Size 00, transparent

Green Mussel Powder

Art.No. 55-000049
400 mg Green Mussel Powder
Size 0, transparent


Art.No. 55-000415
15 mg Silicon
25 µg Biotin
5 mg Zinc
0.5 mg Copper
0.7 mg Vitamin B6
Size 0, transparent


Art.No. 55-000168
100 mg Soybean Extract
of which 40 mg Isoflavone
Size 0, white semi-transparent

Coral Calcium

Art.No. 55-000038
500 mg Coral Calcium Powder
of which 175 mg Calcium
Size 0, transparent


Art.No. 55-000013
341 mg Carnitine
Size 0, transparent

Lactase enzyme

Art.No. 55-000411
4,500 ALU/ g FCC units
Size 3, transparent

Lutein-Blueberry PLUS

Art.No. 55-000416
100 mg Blueberry Fruit Powder
5 mg Lutein
40 mg Vitamin C
6 mg Vitamin E
5 mg Zinc
400 μg Vitamin A
Size 1, transparent


Art.No. 55-000014
150.8 mg Magnesium
Size 0, transparent

Manpower Tribulus

Art.No. 55-000672
200 mg L-Arginine
1.5 mg Zinc
8.3 µg Selenium
0.9 mg Pantothenic Acid
Size 0, light blue semi-transparent

OPC + Guarana

Art.No. 55-000464
200 mg Grape Seed Extract
of which 190 mg Polyphenols
145 mg Guarana Extract
of which 31.9 mg Caffeine
Size 0, transparent

Vitamin D3

Art.No. 55-000493
20 μg Vitamin D3 (800 i.u.)
Size 3, transparent

Vitamin D3 PLUS

Art.No. 55-000495
20 μg Vitamin D3 (800 i.u.)
75 μg Vitamin K2
1.1 mg Thiamine
Size 3, transparent

Zinc Gluconate

Art.No. 55-000018
14.9 mg Zinc
Size 0, transparent

Vegetable Hard Capsules


Art.No. 55-000228

500 mg Cranberry 90% Powder
Size 0, transparent


Art.No. 55-000799

450 mg Boswellia Extract 65 %
Size 0EL, transparent

Green Tea

Art.No. 55-000009

350 mg Green Tea Extract
of which 332.5 mg Polyphenols
Size 0, transparent


Art.No. 55-000496

1 mg Melatonin
200 mg Passion Flower Extract
Size 1, transparent


Art.No. 55-000700
187.5 mg Magnesium
20 mg Choline
10 mg Zinc
400 µg Folic acid
100 µg Iodine
20 µg Vitamin D3
3.75 µg Vitamin B12
Size 0, transparent


Art.No. 55-000850
≥ 7 x 109 CFU at time of production
Lactobacillus Helveticus, Lacticaseibacillus Rhamnosus, Lactococcus Lactis, Bifidiobacterium Breve, Bifidum & Longum
Size 1, transparent


Art.No. 55-000671

120 mg Calcium
100 mg L-Lysine
10 mg Zinc
14 mg Iron
75 µg Iodine
5 µg Vitamin D2
1.4 mg Riboflavin
2.5 µg Vitamin B12
Size 0, green semi-transparent

Vitamin B Complex

Art.Nr. 55-000986

16 mg Niacin
6 mg Pantothenic Acid
1.1 mg Thiamine
1.4 mg Riboflavin
200,3 µg Folic Acid
50 µg  Biotin
2,5 µg Vitamin B12
1.4 mg Vitamin B6

Size 3, transparent

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