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Oil mixturesOil Mixtures Goerlich Pharma

Oils are the perfect solution for people who do not like taking capsules and tablets

Advantages of oil mixtures at a glance:

✓ Combinability of various oils
✓ Flavourinig of oils to optimise their sensoric characteristics
✓ Wide range of sizes (30 ml – 330 ml)
✓ Standard oils can be bottled and delivered on short notice

Basic formulations in stock

The following oils we offer bottled, minimum order quantity is one unit under consideration of minimum order value.

Further oils and bottle sizes upon request.

Oil blends with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K in bottles (ab 30 ml). Possible carrier oils: MCT, olive or sunflower oil

Bottled Oils

Vitamin D3 Oil Blend

Art.No. 25-000128
20 μg Vitamin D3 per drop
Sales Unit: 2.000 Bottles

Vitamin K2 + D3 Oil Blend

Art.No. 25-000148
20 μg Vitamin K2 per drop
20 μg Vitamin D3 per drop
Sales Unit: 2.000 Bottles

Vitamin K2 100 μg with Olive Oil

Art.No. 25-000161
100 μg Vitamin K2 per drop
Sales Unit: 2.000 Bottles

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