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The perfectly dosed clean label solution in the food supplement sector

Liquid food supplements are particularly suitable for consumers who have problems swallowing chunky dosage forms, such as tablets or capsules. This galenic is particularly popular with children and the elderly, but it is equally suitable for modern product concepts and can be consumed together with meals such as mueslis or smoothies, for example.

Advantages of oil mixtures at a glance:

✓ Good combinability of different oils and vitamins
✓ Aromatisation possible
✓ Filling in larger volumes possible (30 – 250 ml)
✓ Dosage according to requirements
✓ Various dosing closures for optimal administration (pouring ring, dropper or pipette)
✓ Standard oils can be filled and delivered within a short period of time

Basic formulations in stock

We offer these oils bottled. The minimum purchase quantity is one sales unit (SU) taking into account the minimum order value.

We are happy to offer you other oils and bottle sizes on request.

Oil mixtures with the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in bottles (from 30 ml).

Possible carrier oils: MCT, olive or sunflower oil.

If you have any questions about our formulations, please contact our competent staff at any time. We would also be happy to develop your desired formulation together with you.

Our minimum purchase quantities for basic formulations are low: oil mixtures from 2,000 units (in bottles)

Bottled Oils

Vitamin D3

Art.No. 25-000128
20 μg Vitamin D3 per drop (800 i.U.)
Carrier oil: MCT oil

Vitamin K2 + D3

Art.No. 25-000148
20 μg Vitamin K2 per drop
20 μg Vitamin D3 per drop (800 i.U.)
Carrier oil: MCT oil

Vitamin K2 100 μg

Art.No. 25-000161
100 μg Vitamin K2 per drop
Carrier oil: Olive oil

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