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3. January 2019
Cells of algae, Microscopic view

Omega-3 fatty acids derived from algae oil

Algae – one of the oldest life forms on earth and now also termed a “superfood”. In particular, microalgae have increasingly become the subject of study in recent years. Thanks to their abundance of nutrients and their wide range of […]
24. December 2018
Pills variety | Goerlich Pharma

Tablets – an interesting galenic formulation for dietary supplements

There is no other administration form that is used as often as the tablet. Derived from the Latin word “tabuletta”, meaning “little tablet” or “little board”. The definition is: The tablet is a single dose, solid administration form, which is […]
13. December 2018
Verpackungs-Design Goerlich Pharma

It’s All About Packaging

Technical Concepts for Optimum Presentation of Dietary Supplements “Quality dietary supplements should be presented for retail in high-quality packages” a slogan all of us would support. It‘s always the package which catches the eye of a customer before he or […]
6. December 2018
Successful Aging | Goerlich Pharma

Successful Aging – with the right nutrients

The life expectancy for people in all European countries increased signify-cantly in the past few decades. According to the federal statistical office the life expectancy of a 65-year-old German woman has increased by two-and-a-half years since the early 90ties, and […]
30. November 2018
Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für die Schönheit - Goerlich Pharma

Beauty from Inside – Dietary Supplements for genuine Beauty

Beauty is an abstract term, its definition has been widely discussed among philosophers ever since ancient times. It is not so much a quality of people or objects, but it is the judgment of our mind. Although there are some […]
29. November 2018
Dietary supplements for vegans | Goerlich Pharma

Dietary Supplements for Vegans

The vegan diet is an entirely plant-based diet. In contrast to vegetarians the vegans do not only refrain from eating meats, but also from the use of other animal derived foods, such as dairy products, eggs, and honey. Veganism can […]
18. September 2017
Coating - Veredelungstechnologie für Nahrungsergänzungsmittel | Goerlich Pharma

Coating –  a Refinement Technology also for Dietary Supplements

“Coating” means any kind of covering of a substrate. Coating can refer to the process of coating, as well as to the coating material. The film coating of tablets or capsules is an important process step, which actually originated in […]
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