Epax® is a worldwide leading, Norwegian premium brand for highly concentrated marine Omega-3 concentrates with defined proportions of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).

Epax Norway AS is the most experienced Omega-3 manufacturer with 180 years of experience. They have attained a pioneering position in the market through their dedicated efforts in setting standards for purity, quality and innovation.

  • More than 30 years of experience with EPAX at Goerlich
  • Ultra Purity is guaranteed by a patented purification step
  • A careful and gentle production process
  • 3 years of shelf life
  • 100 % sustainability, certified by Friend of the Sea (FOS)

EPAX® Omega-3 Premium Quality

EPAX has long term sourcing contracts for crude fish oil, the starting material for processing the high quality EPAX concentrates. This gives EPAX direct access to the highest qualities and required quantities of crude fish oil from sustainable sources, which is secured by strict controls. The fishing grounds are mainly in Peru, which belong to the purest oceanic zones all over the world. The manufacturing of the EPAX concentrates is carried out in Norway where the crude oil is transported in large ships.

Vegan Algal Oil 40 % DHA

With algal oil there is now a vegan alternative to fish and krill, as this oil delivers DHA as well as EPA. The Vegan Algal Oil 40 % DHA is obtained from microalgae. This is of special importance for vegetarians who eat little or no fish and for vegans, because they do not take up the recommend daily amount of 200-300 mg of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Please ask us for the detailed informations sheets and health claims:

EPAX® Omega-3

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland Goerlich Pharma is your exclusive partner for Epax® Omega-3 concentrates in drums of 190 kg.
Products with EPAX® inside are sold worldwide.

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Vegan Algal Oil

Goerlich Pharma is distributor for vegan Algal oil 40 % DHA.

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Your Advantages with EPAX® Omega-3

  • More than 30 years of experience with EPAX® marine Omega-3 concentrates means at Goerlich Pharma for you consultancy accurate to the point: fast, flexible and competent.
  • Ultra Purity is guaranteed by a patented purification step for all EPAX® concentrates.
    This ensures product safety, assists you with convincing marketing arguments and creates the basis for the success of your product.
  • A careful and gentle production process generates EPAX® concentrates with lowest oxidation level and highest stability.
    3 years of shelf life assist you in your planning and brings you financial advantages.
  • 100 % sustainability, certified by Friend of the Sea (FOS), for all EPAX® concentrates from anchovy.
    You thereby demonstrate to your customers your responsible acting and your environmental awareness.

Your Advantages with Algal Oil 40 % DHA

  • All-natural vegan source
  • The product is Novel Food certified
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable source of DHA; not fish derived
  • Fermenter / biochemical reactor (closed system), no contact with environmental contaminant