Packaging Service: Contract Filling & Private Label Contract Packaging

As a renowned contract manufacturer with decades of experience, we support you right from the idea for a new food supplement to all the way through manufacturing to packaging of the finished product. We will be at your side as your competent partner in the entire production cycle. We pack capsules, tablets, powders, and oils -with or without vitamins- in high-quality packages and attach your individual private label in your design. As a packaging specialist we can pack your food supplements in packages of almost all kinds. Please contact us for your unique packing solution – our dedicated team will be happy to work on a project with you!

We offer you comprehensive packaging options.

  • Packaging of capsules / tablets in blisters and folding boxes
  • Packaging of capsules / tablets in containers and jars
  • Bottling of liquids in jars, bottles or dispensers
  • Filling of powders in sticks

From Production to Packaging; We Pack your Product to your Specifications

Packaging of your new food supplement plays a significant role. It is not just the container filled with tablets, capsules, powders or oils, the package is actually the image or first impression a potential customer sees in a store or online. High-quality contents call for high-quality packaging, corresponding to contents and price. The package further serves as an information source for the new product. It provides important facts, which may influence the decision to buy a product for the first time, and even more important, to become a real follower by continuous repurchases. In other words, the package is an important touchpoint in customer experience which will have a significant influence on a purchase decision.

The package is also a valuable advertising space of the product, it makes you see and feel the quality from the outside. High-quality packaging solutions provided by Goerlich Pharma enhance the presentation of your food supplement, giving it a sophisticated look and promoting sales.

Blisters and Folding Boxes

More than 60 blister tools for all kinds of capsules and tablets
Individual design of packaging material
Package band & displays

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Containers and Jars

Various volumes
Containers with reclosable caps
Induction seal
Jars in different colours

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Bottling of liquids

Oils, extracts, liquid raw materials or mixtures
In jars, bottles or dispensers
Various volumes (30 – 1000 ml)
Labelling and printing of batch numbers

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Stick Filling

Development of formulations
Quick and cost-efficient production
Wide range of sizes (2 g – 10 g)

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Sustainable Packaging

Container made from pure plant-based renewable resources
Good for the environment, while upholding the usual outstanding quality
Sustainable and CO2-conscious

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Packaging in Blisters, Boxes and Containers

Depending on the form of your product it needs matching with the most suited packaging. Powders have naturally different requirements than capsules or oils. No matter which form of administration you choose for your product, we as the experts will pack it for you. For capsules or tablets we pack blisters in folding boxes. Alternatively, they can be packed also in jars or bottles. Oils, with or without vitamins, we pack in glass jars, bottles, or pump containers. Powders are packed in sticks or bottles.

For moisture-sensitive products we installed a state-of-the-art dehumidification system in our factory, which allows us to pack even these hygroscopic products in top quality.

All secondary packaging, as well as the blister foil, will carry your individual private label and your design. So we are not only dedicated to the manufacturing, but also to the packaging of your product. High quality packaging implies high quality of your food supplement.

Upon request we further customise your packaging with inserts or special information brochures.

We also specialise on product samples of your food supplement for sales promotions. Sales product and also respective product samples are thus conveniently manufactured by your one-stop supplier. Ask us about the vast variety of sample blisters, in boxes or on blister cards, samples packed in sticks or sachets or small sample jars.

Many manufacturers talk about quality – we live quality!
Quality assurance means continuous striving for improvements of our products and services.

Quality is also our top priority in packaging and fulfillment of your orders.

Our packaging solutions include for example:

  • blisters: 12 punches and more than 60 form tools
  • folding boxes
  • plastic containers
  • pump containers for oils and oil blends
  • labelling
  • shrink wrapping
  • banding
  • displays