Beauty from Inside

True beauty comes from within

The human body is a complex system with elaborate metabolic and regenerative processes. Minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are involved in these. They can not only influence the functioning of organs, but also skin, hair and nails.

Food supplements with selenium, zinc or collagen can strengthen skin, hair and nails. These and other products with valuable nutrients can have a lasting, positive influence on the outer appearance and thus optimise inner well-being.

Take a look at our nutritional supplements dedicated to beauty.

If your desired product is not listed, simply contact us. We are happy to develop our formulation individually into a Plus Product for you.

Schoenheit von Innen Goerlich Pharma

Which nutritional supplements make us radiate?

Great fingernails, shiny, thick hair and a rosy complexion are also the result of a balanced diet with optimal nutrient intake. Whenever this nutrient intake not guaranteed is when food supplements come into play.

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is not called the beauty vitamin for nothing. It stimulates cell growth and ensures beautiful skin, hair and nails. Biotin is involved in a number of metabolic processes, for example in the conversion of fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins. Especially stressed people and those on a diet can effectively compensate for their deficiencies with biotin and get healthy hair and soft skin by the way.

Our soft capsule Evening Primrose Borage is valued for its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It has a balanced mix of omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids fulfil different tasks, regulate the way hormones work and ensure optimal skin function. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and thus supports the body in defending itself against unwanted free radicals.

Collagen Stick Goerlich Pharma

Our skin booster: Collagen stick

Collagen is responsible for plump, youthful skin. With age, it is broken down and skin loses its elasticity. Special care products can help to slow down this degradation and stimulate the skin’s collagen production again. Our basic formulation surprises with the fresh, trendy taste of wild berry fruit. Start immediately with our already developed, ready-to-market formulation. The product is complemented by the addition of other vital substances that are related to skin health. L-carnitine ensures increased fat burning in the skin cells. Hyaluronic acid counteracts dry skin, which can lead to wrinkles. Collagen formation is supported by vitamin C. Zinc also plays a role in maintaining normal skin. And copper contributes to skin pigmentation and normal connective tissue formation.

“Beautiful” packaging service

Packaging is particularly important for products dedicated to beauty and aesthetics, because it is always the packaging that the customer first perceives visually and then haptically. It must convey the meaning and quality of the product at a glance and be coherent. In the area of “beauty from within”, it is therefore worth comparing the packaging with that of high-quality cosmetics. A wide range of finishing options are available for the production of folding boxes, for example glossy UV varnish, spot varnish or high and hot foil stamping, e.g. in silver or gold look, which can set beautiful accents, especially in combination with matte varnish.

Food supplements are just as often packaged in high-quality, and even coloured tins. As with cosmetics, elegant glass jars are also possible, but plastic jars are also available with a high-quality look and feel, from a “frosted look” to a porcelain-like high gloss to metallic surfaces, which are particularly recommended for lids.

Nowadays, sustainable packaging in particular is regarded by customers as being of particularly high quality. There are numerous possibilities here, e.g. printed cardboard cylinders made of carton material. Get inspired by our private label packaging service or get in touch with our sales representatives!

Lohnabfüllung & Lohnverpackung - Private Label | Goerlich Pharma

Our basic formulations for beauty from within:

Hard Capsules


Art.-No. 55-000419
15 mg Citrus Aurantium Extract,
of which 6 mg Synephrine
179 mg Grean Tea Extract,
of which 170,1 mg Polyphenols
300 mg Ginger Extract,
of which 15 mg Gingerols
100 mg Chili, ground
Size 00, transparent


Art.No. 55-000716
500 mg Glucomannan
Size 00, transparent

Grean tea, VEGAN

Art-No. 55-000009
Vegan Icon | Goerlich Pharma

350 mg Green Tea Extract,
of which 332,5 mg Polyphenols
Size 0, transparent


Art.-No. 55-000415
15 mg Silicon
25 μg Biotin
5 mg Zinc
0,5 mg Copper
0,7 mg Vitamin B6
Size 0, transparent


Art.-No. 55-000013
341 mg Carnitine
Size 0, transparent

Vitamin D3

Art.-No. 55-000493
20 μg Vitamin D3 (800 I.U.)
Size 3, transparent

Vitamin D3 PLUS

Art.No. 55-000495
20 μg Vitamin D3 (800 I.U.)
75 μg Vitamin K2
1,1 mg Thiamine
Size 3, transparent

Soft Capsules

Borage oil

Art.-No. 50-000006
500 mg Borage Oil,
of which 100 mg Gamma-Linolenic Acid
9.1 mg Vitamin E
Size 12 oval, transparent

Borage oil, VEGAN

Art.-No. 50-000449
Vegan Icon | Goerlich Pharma

500 mg borage oil,
davon 100 mg gamma-linolenic acid
12.1 mg vitamin E
Size 11 oval, transparent
MPQ: 100.000 capsules


Art.-No. 50-000108
1000 mg CLA-FFA 80%
≥ 800 mg conjugated Linolenic Acid
Size 20, oblong, transparent

Royal Jelly

Art.-No. 50-000031
166.6 mg Royal Jelly
326 mg Wheat Germ Oil
8.5 mg Vitamin E
Size 12 oval, transparent

Isoflavone PLUS

Art.-No. 50-000022
200 mg Borage Oil,
of which 40 mg Gamma-Linolenic Acid
200 mg Evening Primrose Oil,
of which 18 mg Gamma-Linolenic Acid
10 mg Isoflavone
7.3 mg Vitamin E
Size 10 oval, light yellow / opaque

Evening primrose oil

Art.-No. 50-000090
500 mg Evening Primrose Oil,
of which 45 mg Gamma-Linolenic Acid
9.1 mg Vitamin E
Size 10 oval, transparent

Evening primrose oill, VEGAN

Art.-No. 50-000090
Vegan Icon | Goerlich Pharma
500 mg Evening Primrose Oil,
of which 45 mg Gamma-Linolenic Acid
12.1 mg Vitamin E
Size 11 oval, transparent

Evening Primrose Oil Vitamin E 10 I.U.

Art.-No. 50-000103
1.000 mg Evening Primrose Oil,
of which 90 mg Gamma-Linolenic Acid
6.7 mg Vitamin E (10 I.U.)
Size 20 oval, transparent

Evening Primrose Borage

Art.-No. 50-000081
205 mg Borage Oil,
of which 41 mg Gamma-Linolenic Acid
205 mg Evening Primrose Oil,
of which 18.5 mg Gamma-Linolenic Acid
6.1 mg Vitamin E
Size 7.5 oval, transparent



Art.No. 35-000051
Add to water Icon | Goerlich Pharma

450 mg Collagen
500 mg L-Carnitine
200 mg Hyaluronic Acid
80 mg Vitamin C
10 mg Zinc
16 mg Niacin
1 mg Copper
1,4 mg Riboflavin
Portion 6,8554 g
Forest Fruit Flavour
Size: 28 x 125 mm

Glucomannan, VEGAN

Art.No. 35-000010
Add to water Icon | Goerlich PharmaVegan Icon | Goerlich Pharma

1189 mg Konjac Glucomannan
26,7 mg Vitamin C
Portion 1,480 g
Orange Flavour
Size 20 x 85 mm

Oil Mixtures

Vitamin D3

Art.-No. 25-000128
20 μg Vitamin D3 per drop (800 I.U.)
Carrier oil: MCT oil

Vitamin K2 + D3

Art.-No. 25-000148
20 μg Vitamin K2 per drop
20 μg Vitamin D3 per drop (800 I.U.)
Carrier oil: MCT oil

Algae Oil + Vitamin D3 Forte

Art.No. 25-000178
Vegan | Goerlich PharmaAlgenöl Icon | Goerlich Pharma
1 serving (5 ml) contains:
3.86 g Algae Oil
1,158 mg DHA, 579 mg EPA
Omega-3 total (55.0%) 2,123 mg
20 µg Vitamin D3 (800 I.U.), vegan
With natural lemon flavour

Note: Corresponding ingredients allow for various authorised health claims according to regulation (EU) 432/2012

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