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Goodbye stress & exhaustion

Many people find it difficult to master the challenges of everyday life without falling into bed stressed and exhausted at the end of the day. Work, family, the small tasks and worries of everyday life, and last but not least, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 cause many people distress.

In addition, a modern, digitalised world does not allow for a life entirely without stress. Every day, we find ourselves in a never-ending stream of information and stimuli. This alone often severely disturbs inner peace and balance. If everyday life becomes a burden because stress remains permanently, your inner balance can quickly falter.

Often the tension does not subside in the evening and leads to sleepless nights. As a result, performance the next day is limited and stress levels and fatigue continue to rise.

Short periods of stress can spur people on to peak performance. However, if the stress persists over a longer period of time and turns into so-called “negative stress”, the entire system can go haywire and the susceptibility to infections and other diseases increases.
Discover our products for a healthy immune system too.

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More ease in everyday life

To escape this vicious circle of “stress”, it is helpful to establish a healthy lifestyle. Breaks in everyday life, healthy meals, exercise in the fresh air and restful sleep are among them. It is also important to supply the body with vitamins and minerals that support the nervous system and energy metabolism. B vitamins play a key role in metabolism. The eight B vitamins in our B-complex capsules fulfil numerous tasks in our body. Vitamin B1 (thiamine), for example, is important for a healthy nervous system, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is involved in the metabolism of iron, vitamin B3 (niacin) is also important for cell protection, vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is involved in the formation of anti-stress hormones, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) helps, among other things, in the formation of red blood pigment, vitamin B7 (biotin) is involved, for example, in fat metabolism, vitamin B9 (folic acid) has, among other tasks, the formation of cells, vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is also involved in DNA synthesis.

DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function

The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are true multi-talents. They are part of every cell and thus have an influence on all functions in our body. For example, they are said to have a protective function for the heart, circulation & eyes, an anti-inflammatory effect and an anti-ageing effect for the skin. However, DHA also contributes to the maintenance of normal
brain function.

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Discover our nutritional supplements for brain & mood. If your desired product is not listed, simply contact us. We are happy to develop our recipe individually into a plus product for you.

Our basic formulations for brain & mood:

Hard Capsules


Art.No. 55-000420
250 mg Citrus Sinensis Extract
100 mg Rhodiola Rosea Extract
of which 3 mg Rosavin
3 mg Pantothenic Acid
0.7 mg Vitamin B6
6 mg Vitamin E
1.3 μg Vitamin B12
0.4 mg Vitamin A
28.1 mg Magnesium
Size 0el, transparent


Art.No. 55-000014
Vegan Icon | Goerlich Pharma

150.8 mg Magnesium
Size 0, transparent


Art.No. 55-000496

Vegan Icon | Goerlich Pharma
1 mg Melatonin
200 mg Passion Flower Extract
Size 1, transparent

Vitamin B Complex

Art.No. 55-000986
Vegan Icon | Goerlich Pharma
16 mg Niacin
6 mg Pantothenic Acid
1.4 mg Vitamin B6
1.1 mg Thiamine
1.4 mg Riboflavin
200 µg Folic Acid
50 µg  Biotin
2,5 µg Vitamin B12
Size 3, transparent

Soft Capsules


Art.No. 50-000062
500 mg Soy Lecithin
Size 12 oval, transparent

EPAX 5025 TGN 500 mg*

Art.No. 50-000513
≥ 250 mg EPA, ≥ 125 mg DHA
Omega-3 total 415 mg

Size 10 oval, transparent

EPAX 5025 TGN 1000 mg

Art.No. 50-000515
≥ 500 mg EPA, ≥ 250 mg DHA
Omega-3 total 830 mg

Size 20 oblong, transparent

EPAX 4020 TGN 1000 mg*

Art.No. 50-000211 / 50-005005
≥ 400 mg EPA, ≥ 200 mg DHA
Omega-3 total 700 mg

Size 20 oblong, transparent

EPAX 1500 TGN 500 mg

Art.No. 50-000491
≥ 52,5 mg EPA, ≥ 250 mg DHA
Omega-3 total 350 mg

Size 10 oval, transparent

Algae Oil 417 mg*

Art.No. 50-000386

Vegan | Goerlich PharmaAlgenöl Icon | Goerlich Pharma
≥ 62,6 mg EPA, ≥ 125,1 mg DHA
Size 10 oval, transparent

Algae Oil 625 mg

Art.No. 50-000533 / 50-000543
Vegan | Goerlich PharmaAlgenöl Icon | Goerlich Pharma
≥ 6.3 mg EPA, ≥ 250 mg DHA
Size 12-15 oval, transparent

Algae Oil 834 mg

Art.No. 50-000388 / 50-000535
Vegan | Goerlich PharmaAlgenöl Icon | Goerlich Pharma
≥ 125 mg EPA, ≥ 250 mg DHA
Size 20 oblong, transparent



Art.No. 35-000050
Direkteinnahme Icon | Goerlich PharmaVegan Icon | Goerlich Pharma
375 mg Magnesium
Portion 1.935 g
Lemon Flavour
Size 20 x 90 mm

Note: Corresponding ingredients allow various authorised health claims according to Regulation (EU) 432/2012.
* To be able to use the health claim “DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function”, 2 capsules must be taken daily. Claim only applies if at least 250 mg DHA per day are consumed.

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