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Immunity is booming, everyone is talking about optimal support for the psyche since COVID-19, healthy nutrition is particularly trendy, and consumers are increasingly turning to vegan products.

As an experienced specialist for contract manufacturing and the development of high-quality food supplements, we listen deeply to the market and detect new trends in a variety of lifestyles of our consumers at an early stage. Our curiosity and our passion produce first-class products, tailored to current market developments.


We see ourselves as a provider of ideas at your side.

Together and actively with you, we create constant growth through targeted product management.


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Product Spectrum Goerlich Pharma

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Produktwelt Ernährung & Vitalität - Goerlich Pharma
Produktwelt Sport & Fitness - Goerlich Pharma
Produktwelt Männergesundheit - Goerlich Pharma
Produktwelt Augengesundheit - Goerlich Pharma
Produktwelt Kinder - Goerlich Pharma

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